Why should you consider buying a return of premium life insurance policy?

After purchasing a term life insurance policy, the insured pays a monthly premium to receive sustainable coverage after completion.

 The premiums from those who outlive the timeframe of the coverage enable the subjected life insurance company to fulfil the pay-outs that other customers might need.  

But there are other options to decide where the cash value of your term life insurance goes. 

Do I get pay-out if I were to outlive my term life insurance policy?

With the end of the term, the coverage will end, and so will your payments.

If you were to outlive the life insurance, the funds are forfeited. The premiums from such an individual are used to support the families of those who do die.

What makes the return of premium policy worth it?

  • Get the return of premium benefit rider.

You will be receiving a refund of all your premiums. The amount that is refunded back is entirely tax-free.

  • Investing the premiums for the ROP

With the most conservative investment plans, there is a prospect for customers to earn a five per cent income.

  • A cash value life insurance policy

Over the years, the cash value builds up on your life insurance policy.

A longer time entails an enhanced cash value which makes the return of premium policy an attractive one. The cash value is offered to grow on a tax-free basis. If the policyholder does not withdraw, over some time, the amount is not considered liable to taxes.

The ROP or the return of premium is a type of term insurance policy with an attached conversion rider. Meaning, if you were to outlive the term, the total sum of the premiums made will be returned. This is a particularly beneficial option as the premiums are explicitly tax-free as the amount cannot be classified as an income but merely a return of the premiums.

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