Facts about Right Bundle Branch Block Life Insurance

  • It is possible to get life insurance policy if you are suffering from the right bundle branch block, though some key ways can improve your chances of getting life insurance with this health condition. 
  • In addition to living a healthy lifestyle, you must keep yourself informed about what details will be required when you will apply for life insurance, keep all the essential documents ready!
  • Bundle Branch Block is rarely life-threatening.  though there can be some additional health conditions associated with it.  If you have a secondary health condition, it will play a crucial role to decide the rating you get for qualifying for life insurance.

Risk factors for life insurance providers

  • It has been shown by studies that people with an LBBB can be at a higher risk for heart disease.  It is more difficult to get life insurance with LBBB as compared to RBBB.
  • At times, the heart block can be an indicator of serious health issues such as cardiomyopathy. Life insurance providers will be worried about such conditions and can analyze your health condition properly.

What information can be required by the insurer?

  • When were you diagnosed with this health condition?
  • What type of bundle branch block do you have?
  • Is there any secondary condition?
  • What treatment or medication do you take?
  • Have you been through any medical tests recently? If yes, then what was the result?

When the health condition is very mild and well-managed, some life insurance providers can approve life insurance on standard rates. But, when there is any secondary condition or symptoms are severe, life insurance can be available on non-standard terms which will include increased premiums.

For more details about life insurance and right bundle branch block, feel free to consult our insurance professionals.

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