We met a client who wanted to know and understand what it takes to change policy and in this case, Sarcoidosis Life Insurance. We had to connect him with specialists from one of the Assurance companies in the United Kingdom for him to get the smooth and full process. Legal and General is an assurance entity in the streets of the UK offering a variety of financial products across life covers to pet coverage- all this depending on individuals needs and preferences.

Our client had the option of increment of the sum insured and had worries concerning a medical report from a GP. A specialist from Legal and General had to inform us that, a medical report was not a must when increasing the amounts of Sarcoidosis cover and, therefore the only requirement was to take the coverage before the client would hit 45 years old and by that time the Legal and General should not have applied an increase to the cover contributions. Afterwards, the client can have a successful increment of the sum insured.


You should note that, for all the increments, the sum insured for Sarcoidosis Life cover can only have an increment on single events by the minimum of;

  • 50% of the initial sum insured
  • 150K pounds

In case the policyholder income increases because of a change in the job group or rank promotions, then, the total equivalent to the initial sum insured of the policy is multiplied by the % increment in the incomes. If an increment of the policyholder’s mortgage happens due to

  • house movements
  • house upgrades

then the policy rises in correlation to the amount of increment in the policyholder’s mortgage.

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