Sickle cell Anaemia- define

Sickle cell disease is referred to the distinctive shape of the red blood cells that develop with the condition: a rigid crescent (sickle) shape. Sickle cell anaemia is a hereditary condition that majorly affects those of an African, Caribbean, Middle Eastern or Asian heritage etc. It can also be linked to other medical conditions such as stroke, pulmonary hypertension, acute chest syndrome (ACS) etc.

Securing Life cover with Sickle Cell Anaemia:

While applying for insurance, the last thing that you want to come across is with hassles and jargons. Being diagnosed with sickle cell anaemia does mean that you are required to answer some specific questions about your health, to secure insurance in place. And these questions are as follows:

  • When were you diagnosed with sickle cell anaemia?
  • Do you take any regular medication?
  • Do you need blood transfusions?
  • Have you been hospitalized due to your condition?
  • Did you experience any sickle cell crises?

Once insurers have all of this information they can find the right policy to support your needs. Life insurance for people with sickle cell anaemia can be offered with some insurers in the UK and remember that every company has its underwriting criteria and ways to see each medical condition as a risk The treatment being undertaken and the number of crises (if any) you have had, play a vital role in determining which insurer will be right for you.

When you apply for life insurance with sickle cell anaemia, insurers may apply loading on the policy premiums; this is known as non-standard terms. You may also find that your insurer may request to see a report from your doctor to confirm your diagnosis and your overall state of health. In some rare cases, you can also be declined for life insurance if this is your situation then you may have to approach a specialist provider.

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