Why there is an increase in skin cancer in the UK?

The UK has been traditionally a cold country and most people from the European sub-continent travelled to other warmer parts of the world to get sunbath mainly in Asian countries. However, with global warming, the temperatures have been soaring in the UK and millions of people flocked around to take sunbath without proper protection. While warm sunny days can boost your mood but it can impact your health too. Malignant Melanoma one of the most serious kind of skin cancer has been reported in the UK with a large part of the population suffering from it.

Why young wealthy people are getting it more compared to others?

Research shows that young wealthy people are getting skin cancer more than others. The main reason is that these individuals go for frequent vacations and are spending long hours in the heat in the scorching sun, which damages the skin causing malignant melanoma. Use of sunbeds and a lack of care is one of the key reasons why the younger population from wealthy families are getting the disease.

Precautions to be taken

Key is to protect yourself from ultra-violet rays. Good use of sunscreen, avoiding long hours of exposure in the sun, using sunglasses and wearing covered clothes are some of the precautions one can take to protect themselves from skin damage and getting skin cancer. Stay in the shade especially during midday hours, wear clothing that covers your hands and legs, wear a hat with a wide brim to shade your face, head, ears and neck. Use sunglasses that protects you from ultra-violet rays of the sun. Get the right critical illness cover which includes paying for skin cancer.

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