According to the law in The United Kingdom, all employees are entitled to a Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) that has to be paid by the employers provided they fulfill the eligibility criteria.

To be eligible for the Statutory Sick Pay:

  • One must be a registered employee
  • One must have been sick for a minimum of 4 days in a row which includes non-working days
  • The employee must earn a minimum of £120 in a week tax included
  • The employer has to be informed within 7 days or the deadline the employer has set.

The current value of the Statutory Sick Pay is £95.85 and can be paid up to 7 months. The sick pay has to be paid after the fourth day of sickness. The first three days are not entitled to mandatory payment however the policy of the SSP varies from employer to employer and can be paid for some employees.


           You are not qualified for Statutory Sick Pay

  • You have already received SSP for 28 weeks
  • You are receiving Statutory Maternity Pay
  • Your employer has no job for you currently or your employer has been put you on ‘furlough’

Depending on your employer you may still be entitled to SSP if you have not been paid your 8 weeks pay.

However, if you regularly fall sick for four days or more and these sickness periods are less than 2 months apart, they may be considered as ‘linked’. In a case when you suffer regular series of linked sickness periods for 3 years or more you are no longer entitled to an SSP.

Medical Proof

A sick note has to be provided by you to your employer in case you have not been well for 7 days or more in a row, non-working days included.


           A Statutory Sick Pay is a very advantageous provision provided by the government of the United Kingdom. The working of the SSP, however, varies from employer to employer.  Therefore, it is important to be aware of the SSP policies for your workplace.

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