Is stress a part of mental health concerns? For an insurance company, it can be a mental health concern. But, stress could also be related to multiple health concerns.

The question is – Can you get life insurance with stress on your mind?

The good news is that YOU can get life insurance with this condition, but it should be well-controlled. If stress is causing life-threatening situations then YOU need to get help.

Stress is related to many health conditions like Diabetes, Anxiety disorder, Asthma, Heart Attack etc and all these health conditions can be alarming. Even if you are going through depression (a severe one), it can lead to suicidal thoughts and eventually putting an end to your life. The good part is that stress can be managed.

How To Get Life Insurance With Stress?

You may think that all human beings go through stressful situations. It is true, but stress can be lethal for many people.

If the same stress has led you to do self-harm and resulted in hospitalization, then the insurance company would like to see the report. If you are undergoing psychiatric treatment and the condition is severe, then the premiums will be higher. Worst case, you may not get approval. Life insurance and stress is a topic that is quite sensitive. Mental health concerns are taken seriously by life insurance agents.

With lifestyle changes, you can control stress effectively.

Getting life insurance in place is important. So, speak to the insurance agent and look for a product that secures your family’s future.

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