Tachycardia also known as ‘Fast heart rate’ is a medical condition that makes your heart rate more than 100 beats per minute. It is also linked with other medical issues such as Wolff-Parkinson-white syndrome (WPW), atrial fibrillation. Possible symptoms of this condition are fast heartbeat, breathlessness, chest pain.

Life Insurance with Tachycardia:

Life cover with tachycardia can be available with several insurance providers. The insurer that you apply with will want to know specific details about your condition like

  • When were you diagnosed?
  • Type of tachycardia you have
  • The Frequency of flare-ups
  • What treatment have you undergone and your medication details (if taken any)?

The insurance provider may also want to know details about your heart rate and will probably ask for a report from your GP to confirm this information.

For those with mild tachycardia that is limited to ectopic beats, there is a possibility that Life Insurance may be available at standard terms. In case of more severe forms of tachycardia, such as supraventricular tachycardia, if Life Insurance is available it is more likely that insurers will apply a premium loading which means the policy will be offered at non-standard terms.

Critical Illness Cover:

Critical Illness Cover for those with tachycardia may also be available at normal terms depending upon the severity of diagnosis, treatments being used and regularity of attacks. The milder the condition the more likely it is that the normal term will be applied for cover. The more severe form of tachycardia, strong medications being used or regular flare-ups of the condition, the more chances for the insurer to offer you the cover at special terms (premiums increase).

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