The market floods with a variety of life insurance policies and hence, it becomes difficult to choose the right one. Well, while choosing the life insurance policy, it is vital to get the right information before making any final decision. When it comes to term life insurance, the benefits of cover will be utilized for a specific period; it is different from whole life insurance.

What is term life insurance?

Term life insurance, as the name signifies, is an insurance cover for a specific period of time. The time duration will be decided by you and your insurer when the policy should expire, it is also regarded as policy lifetime. This depends on how much you want to pay for your life insurance and the duration for the payment. Though there could be some possible minimum and a maximum length of the policy as it is not whole life insurance.

It is designed to pay if you die during the lifetime of the policy, you may not be able to get the amount if you die after the expiration of the policy lifetime.

Should you choose term life insurance?

It is vital to keep track of your financial stock at regular intervals to secure the future of your loved ones. What you will leave for your loved ones will have a significant impact on their lives. There are different types of term policies available and premiums are generally cheaper, so if you find yourself unable to pay a huge amount, term life insurance will be a good choice to make. So, be smart while shopping for an insurance policy and make sure to choose the right one to avoid the headache in the near future. Connect with insurance experts to know more!

There are two types of Term Insurance Plans:

Level Cover

This option is suitable if what you desire is absolute financial security for your loved ones in your absence. This cover allows you to select the cover amount as well as the term of your insurance cover. Your premium amount remains unaltered throughout your policy term and the cover is inclusive of your salary and maintains the quality of life of your loved ones, helps with mortgage repayments, etc.

Decreasing Order: The decreasing order aids your loved ones for repayment of outstanding debts and mortgages. The value of the premium remains fixed as well as the term of the insurance, however, alterations can be made if desired by the policyholder.  A decreasing order has limited benefits and usually costs less than the level cover.

Joint Cover

It is a special type of Case Insurance Cover which can be availed by married couples for security in case one of them passes away. This type of cover only pays once after the death of one of the clients.

Suitability: Term Insurance Plan is highly recommended for individuals who have dependent family and loved ones or a high sum of mortgage to be paid off.

It is highly advised that you thoroughly understand the terms and conditions before deciding on a Term Insurance Plan.

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