The world of Insurance Plans is brimming with options galore, each tailor-made to suit various Financial Portfolios, individual preferences, life goals, liabilities, and family needs. At the heart of every plan to take Insurance lies the need for security for the family. Every Family Provider is plagued with anxiety regarding the fate of the family and what would be their fate financially if he/ she were to die without fulfilling his/her commitments.

Decreasing Term Insurance:

Decreasing Term Insurance is a variant of Term Insurance where one signs up for a plan for the duration of one’s working tenure, and the payout happens if one were to die within the specified tenure. If one outlives the mandate, then there is no payout.

In a regular Term Insurance, the Premium Amount as also the Payout Amount remains the same throughout the tenure of the plan. In a decreasing Term Insurance, the Premium Amount is lesser, and the payout amount keeps decreasing as the Term advances anticipating that one’s liabilities like mortgage, debt, etc. also keep dropping with the progression of the tenure.

The decision to opt for a Decreasing Term Insurance would depend upon various factors that are specific to an individual’s ability to pay a premium, his / her age, liabilities, children to be educated through college and mortgage tenure and amount. There are experts on every company’s panel to guide and help one through this process and make a diligent decision.


Decreasing Term Insurance this allows some relief for the Insurer by way of reduced Premium Cost that will burn a smaller hole in his pocket and the welcome thought of knowing that the future is planned for, that is to say, in the case of his death – the payout would take care of his liabilities and save his family from financial stress and if he were to outlive the tenure he would have saved some money till then and would be debt-free with the help of the payout.

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