We have different types of life insurance policies in the market, but one thing that all of them have in common is a slight attraction with your health. After all your health is a good indicator of how long you might live and any insurer would be keen to know about your life expectancy when they are providing a large sum of financial cover for that very thing.

Benefits of over 50’s life insurance

  • Over 50’s life insurance is eligible for anyone above the age of 50years, as many have stopped for life insurance only to find their medical history puts many policies out of reach.
  • Being very similar to a whole life policy, over 50’s policy will last for your entire life even though you stop paying premiums after reaching the cut-off point(typically at 85 or 90years).
  • Your premiums won’t go high once you have taken out the fixed plan.

Drawbacks of over 50’s life insurance

  • As the insurer is taking a large risk offering no-question asked life insurance policies to everyone above the age of 50years, so to lower some risk, they require a waiting period which is of one or two years. During this time, the policy will not pay out the full sum if the unsured passes away-instead it will refund an amount equal to the premiums paid.
  • The major drawback of over 50’s life insurance is, in case if you fail you pay the monthly premiums you cover will be invalidated and it would be impossible to make a claim.
  • Over 50’s life insurance is not a savings or investment product and has no cash value unless a valid claim is made.


Therefore, this policy can help you leave a fixed cash sum as a small gift, to provide your family with a cash sum to help them in the future in a way that suits their needs.

 Get over 50’s plan today and help your family in the future.

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