In these stressful times, Insurance cover is a must for every individual. Buying a home is perhaps the most significant investment a person is likely to make.

Housing costs being formidable, a large mortgage is always on the cards after one invests in Real Estate. With a massive debt to pay off, getting Life Insurance is a viable way to be secure and feel secure.


It is most certainly a myth that single people do not require Life Insurance and that it is a must only for married people.

The common belief is that the person takes insurance as a safety measure to provide for his family and children, in the eventuality of his death and leave them with the financial wherewithal to pay a mortgage and manage other expenses.

Everyone needs to secure their future, whether single or married. With living expenses spiralling, it is prudent to ensure that one can maintain the same lifestyle even after retirement.


Insurance would take care of all the debts, whether they are housing loans, car loans, or any other personal loans.

However, in case of any mishap or accident, one would always like the family, dependent parents, not to suffer any financial loss.

Plans to get married or not are subject to change, and a bachelor need not stay a bachelor throughout his life.  In such a case, the responsibility to provide for family and children gains utmost importance.

Buying insurance at an older age is always expensive, and it’s a wise decision to purchase insurance at a younger generation.


Mortgage Insurance Policy is an ideal one for the single person as it can help pay off the Mortgage Debt in case of the Insurer’s death.

The whole of Life Insurance Plan with intermittent payments as per terms of Policy is a convenient option with advancing age.

Disability Insurance can serve a single person in good stead if he happens to meet with an accident that causes disability.

So, single or married, signing up for an Insurance Plan is the way to go, to be peaceful at mind, and content at heart.

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