Thrombosis is the clotting of blood in a part of the blood circulatory system. It is a frightening condition because the blood clots may block major arteries. This is why you need to buy life insurance coverage to protect your family against financial struggles if anything happens to you.

Applying for thrombosis life insurance

Having a basic knowledge of the application process is essential if you want to buy coverage. It helps you understand what most underwriters are looking for when deciding how much premiums you will pay. Most life insurers will want you to add some amount on top of your premiums when they consider you high risk. You should, however, know that each insurer will look at your case differently.


Generally, underwriters consider thrombosis life insurance to be a lower risk. For this reason, rates can be similar to those with no health problems. If thrombosis is disclosed during the application process, there may be no need to provide copies of medical records.

Underwriters will consider the following:

  • Overall health– what is your current health status? Are you having any other medical issues?
  • Your lifestyle– do you exercise regularly? Do you smoke?
  • Date of diagnosis- when were you diagnosed with thrombosis?
  • Doctor visits– do you visit your, doctor, regularly?
  • Treatments and medications– are currently on treatments or medication?


Premiums for thrombosis life insurance will depend on;

  • The type of thrombosis you are suffering from or the type you have suffered from previously
  • When were you first diagnosed with thrombosis
  • Whether you have had any surgery before
  • Medication and treatment; whether you are currently under medication or treatment

You may find that for more severe cases or where other health issues are involved, premiums may increase.

What to do next

If you don’t get approved for thrombosis life insurance, you should try other companies. You need to contact an independent insurance agent who will help you evaluate the many options you can explore. This will help you buy life insurance that meets your specific needs.

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