What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus can be an infuriating condition as the diagnosed develops a kind of internal sound that they can hear persistently; this can be a buzzing, humming, grinding, hissing, whistling or sizzling. Tinnitus is classified into three forms: pulsatile tinnitus, musical hallucinations and low-frequency noise. If an obvious cause of tinnitus can be found it can often be cured and in time reduce greatly or possibly disappear. For those with no specific cause for the condition, the use of coping strategies such as distraction methods will be needed to lessen any discomfort caused by the illness.

Getting Life Insurance with Tinnitus:

The important thing to keep in mind when applying for life insurance with Tinnitus is that insurers will particularly be looking at any underlying cause of the condition. They will want to know certain specification regarding your condition and these include:

  • Frequency of your symptoms?
  • When you were first diagnosed?
  • If any underlying condition is experienced due to tinnitus?
  • If the tinnitus affects your day-to-day living, or ability to work?

If you have tinnitus, and no other underlying medical conditions, you may be able to obtain life insurance at standard terms. If however, other related medical conditions are causing or contributing to your tinnitus, an insurer will generally obtain a medical report from your GP to determine details about your overall health.

If your medical history shows other significant health conditions, then it may be that the insurer can offer you life insurance at non-standard terms- meaning an increased rate of premium being applied to your policy.

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