Traded Life Policy or Traded Endowment Policy is concerned with the selling of your life insurance policies in suitable marketplaces. The key message of a Traded Life Policy is to purchase the insurance of a terminally ill individual or a person with less than three years to live who has no known family members of his own or beneficiaries to claim such an insurance policy. In the UK’s sphere of the market, the Traded Life Policy concept is still relatively new and is sold on the secondary market for ‘viatical settlement.’


Acquisition companies are interested in purchasing your assured sum from the insurance policy. They consider your beneficiary status and the impact of the purchase of the insurance policy on your tax bracket and the inheritance tax of your beneficiary before buying your policy. They also consider the gravity of your terminal illness and the possibility of death in the coming two years to purchase the policy to verify that the seller will not need the amount shortly.

Aside from the acquisition companies, you can also sell your insurance policy to private investors at a discounted rate and the assured sum to 30-40% of its value. The individual investor is made the beneficiary of the said policy, and they agree to pay the premiums of the policy until the policyholders’ eventual dies. The investors buy guaranteed, high-value payouts that are independent of market volatility and are known for making huge profits to the investor minus the amount paid to the policyholder and the premiums paid until his death.


The selling of your life insurance liquidates your policy. The price offered for the purchase of the policy is much higher than the surrender value of the policy, consequently making it more profitable for you. The selling of the policy generally pays cash immediately, therefore, taking care of any present and future concerns that may or may not dissolve with your death. Hence, it is for the benefit of the individual in any case of emergency or known death, where he may easily avail cash without any hindrance.

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