Truck drivers transport cargo to specific destinations within the UK or further afield. There are strict rules on the rest breaks and maximum driving times that truck drivers have to follow each day, for their health as well as for the safety of other drivers on the road.

Truck Driver Life Insurance:

Life Insurance for truck drivers should be available at normal terms. If you travel regularly outside of the UK this will need to be assessed by the insurer as to whether they can offer normal terms. It will most likely be the destination that you travel to that could cause additional underwriting of your application, meaning that if you are travelling to hazardous foreign countries the insurer may view you as a high-risk imposer and you may find premium loadings or exclusion being applied to your policy to offset the risk.

Truck Driver Critical Illness cover:

Similar to Life Insurance; critical illness insurance for truck drivers will also typically be available at normal terms. Again, if you travel regularly outside of the UK it is possible that the insurer may assess your application more thoroughly depending upon your destination of travel and may also add premium loadings or may exclude certain terms from your policy.

Truck Driver Income Protection:

Income Protection for truck drivers can be available with many providers, but you need to make sure that your policy is underwritten with an own occupation definition. These are only available with a few insurers and own occupation is the best form of coverage that you can have for Income Protection. Or else any claim that you make will depend upon your ability to do any job, and not just your current position as a truck driver, making it more complicated to claim on. The policy can be written with deferment periods of 1 day- 52 weeks. While determining which deferment period suits your circumstances best you must consider the policy cost, your savings and any employment benefits that you have.


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