When someone is diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, especially for those who have family and responsibilities, worries about the future are common. This is where you need to connect with a life insurance company that can understand your current conditions and provide you with the most suitable policy.

What can be asked before approving life insurance for people with diabetes?

  • When were you diagnosed with diabetes?
  • You can be asked about your latest HbA1C reading.
  • Are you suffering from high blood pressure? If yes, then what is the reading?
  • About high cholesterol and its reading.
  • You can be asked if you have any other complications.
  • Can your insurer consult your doctor?

Getting life insurance with diabetes is possible when someone deals with other major health complications, some insurance companies can fully underwrite your application during the submission. In case you are caught by other medical complications or if your HbA1c reading is quite high, then the life insurance company can contact your doctor to understand the clear picture and get the exact details about your current health status.

Increase in premium

With type 1 diabetes, depending upon your health condition, you may have to pay a higher premium every month. The calculation of premium is done based on how long have you been suffering from Type 1 diabetes, HbA1c readings, and other health problems that you may have.

Cost of life insurance

The cost of insurance is likely to remain low if you are young and non-smoker. Hence, if you want to get life insurance while suffering from Type 1 diabetes, then you need to take good care of your health to get a cost-effective policy.

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