Life insurance is an asset that one leaves for his family. Getting life insurance with an illness can be a tiring process, that too when one is suffering from type 2 diabetes. You have to answer a few necessary questions when applying for a life insurance policy.

Why need insurance coverage?

The reason is simple. Diabetes has no cure It is ongoing treatment and involves high cost. Type 2 diabetes is a chronic disease as such expenses related to its treatment keeps on recurring. Thus, it is wise to timely ensure for the timely insurance cover that could take care of most of the cost related to its treatment and not cause any extra burden on family financial position

Questions required to be answered

The following are the questions that may fulfill the needs of the information required by insurance companies.

  • What was your age when you were first diagnosed with type 2 diabetes?
  • State your HbA1C readings
  • State your average blood pressure readings
  • Is your cholesterol under control? What are your latest readings of cholesterol?
  • What are your physical measures?
  • State another complication.

The cost of life insurance for a diabetic patient can be higher than the average life insurance holder. The premium cost depends upon the severity of the patient condition. Yet you can have a lower rate premium if your diabetes is under control and you follow a healthy living regimen.

Expenses borne under insurance

  1. Consultation Fees of visiting Doctor
  2. Cost of tests
  3. Cost of treatment
  4. Cost of medicine
  5. Hospitalization cost

Life insurance policy for a person with diabetes type 2

You can get two types of life insurance

1.    Term Life Insurance

In this type of life insurance, one can set an average amount that any of your family members will receive in case any worst situation happens to you.

2.    Whole Life Insurance

This policy provides lifetime coverage at a fixed rate. It costs greatly more than term life insurance policy

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