Underwriters will put the following into consideration:

  • When were you diagnosed with the disease
  • Medication and treatment; are you currently on any medication? Which type of medication?
  • Have you planned for a Surgery?
  • Cause of your illness; is there any specific reason behind your thyroid developing?

You should know that life insurance is available only if you are stable at standard rates provided that, you need to disclose the cause of your condition and the type of treatment you are undergoing.

Where you are having other health issues, your life insurance may be subject to the premium increase. Some insurers may have to postpone or sometimes decline your application.

If you are denied an underactive thyroid life insurance, you can try another option

No exam policies; you can consider buying life insurance coverage without taking a medical exam. Acquiring these policies is faster because they don’t consider a lot of things. There will be no need for a medical exam or proof of medical reports regarding your health.

The problem with no exam policies is that you will have to suffer a 10-20% increase in your premiums. The insurer will also be taking greater risks in offering you a life insurance policy. Another thing with these policies is, you will be limited to the amount of coverage you can buy.

What to consider when applying for underactive thyroid insurance policy

  1. Independent insurance agent; you need to have an agent who can help you get a company that matches your needs.
  2. Medical records; ensure your medical records are up to date. Confirm with your doctor regularly and make sure you have all the required information on your medical history
  3. Doctors details; ensure you have your doctor’s name, address, and phone number.

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