There are a number of magazines in The United Kingdom that showcase on luxurious lives that incorporate luxury cars, private jets, glorious beauty, expensive apartments and so on. To some of us, it’s a norm and others, it remains unachievable and a nightmare. This clearly shows that, people live differently and have different financial capabilities to meet all these needs.

But, let’s put it on a weighing scale. Luxurious life or your child’s future, which one should be of more concern? I understand that some of us, have acquired what they already have through genuine means of hard work while others have gone to an extent of being fraudulent thus acquiring their property through fraudulent means and false gains.


A study from YouGov’s has shown that households in United Kingdom have increased their purchasing power of luxury items when the economic level falls. In another survey carried out, findings were, childhoods are worse now compared with the earlier generations. Now, have a look at this; Increased spending when income levels are falling and the rate of childhood currently worse than previous times.

This shows less effort is being put to brighten the future of our children. We are instead of spending beyond our means and going for lavish lifestyle forgetting we had children who can be trained on wealth creation through hard work in institutions across the UK. An urgent need to teach our children on wealth acquisition through hard work should be the priority. Instead, of non-meaningful luxuries to spoil your kid, you can decide to use your money for instance, to pay for a cover on your child’s education and by doing so, you will be securing his/her future.


  1. Educate your kids while still young on the importance of management.
  2. Let them know, things do not come easily, they are worked for.
  3. Teach them new skills to ensure they are busy from time to time.

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