Welders are referred to those who are involved in the cutting, shaping and joining of sheet and tube metal. A welder needs to have a high concentration ability to ensure their safety when using welding gadgets, to be constantly vigilant to any danger that work imposes and so that the finished product meets precise safety guidelines.

Underwriting Philosophy of Life Insurance policies for Welders:

Life Insurance for welders can be available at normal terms with most insurance providers. Your application for welder’s life insurance will focus more upon your medical history, foreign travel and hazardous pursuits rather than your occupation which means that your occupation will not have any significant impact on your life insurance policy unless you have any related medical issues; or you have a schedule to travel overseas shortly or if your take part in any dangerous activities. If this is the case you may be classed as high risk by your insurer and may find premium loadings and exclusions being applied to your policy. The same underwriting guidelines as Life insurance is being followed by the insurer to underwrite any application received for Welder’s Critical illness Cover as well i.e., it can also be available at standard terms with many providers provided you do not any significant health issues, any overseas travel scheduled or any sort of hazardous leisure pursuits.

In terms of Income Protection for welders, it can often be secured at normal terms with specific insurers. You must submit your application on ‘own occupation’ terms that will mean that at the point of claim you will be assessed on your ability to be a welder. Other terms such as ‘suited occupation’ or ‘any occupation’ will result in any claim that you place being assessed on your ability to perform any like job or any job at all which will make the policy harder to claim on. This policy comes with deferment periods of 1 day-52 weeks. While choosing the best-suited deferment period as per your need you must consider any employment benefits you have, your savings and the budget for the cover.

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