A person’s BMI may be higher due to a tendency of carrying weight, a medical condition or even a result of being too muscular. It is well known if you are overweight or have high BMI, you may struggle to find affordable life insurance but it is also worth to note that each company will have their guidelines and approach to calculating the cost of your premiums. So if you are found to be overweight, do not worry as you can still find the best life insurance as per your needs. 

How does being overweight affect your life insurance?

There are many associated risks and medical issues linked to being overweight which includes; type 2 diabetes, heart disease and depression etc. It is because of these associated risks that Insurance providers apply premium loading to applicants who are considered overweight. The actual increase you see will be based upon your BMI, lifestyle factors and medical history.

When you are overweight or have a high BMI there are a lot of different things you can come across when you apply for life insurance. You could be offered life insurance at standard terms, at a price increase or some insurers may even decline the application. However, recognizing which insurers suits your needs the best is a tricky part. Some start to increase prices when BMIs go above 30 and the prices get higher as the BMI does. Some insurers will be unable to offer life insurance once someone’s BMI is over 40. 

What can be done if you are denied for the cover?

Well, all you can do is re-apply with other insurers in the market as it is a well-known fact that with any insurance, there are different underwriting limits from one insurer to the other and not everyone will be accepted for cover by the same provider. You can be refused for life insurance because your BMI is over 50, people with a BMI over 60 are also being able to arrange cover so it is possible – it’s just about knowing where to look.

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