When you apply for life insurance, you must be aware of the fact that you will be asked some important questions that are going to decide a lot of things about the proceedings. Well, you may find yourself nervous in such a situation as there might be some questions you may not want to answer or you may hesitate to answer. So, let’s get you prepared to face those questions by listing some of those questions here!

What will be asked during the life insurance application?

Some of the most common questions asked during the life insurance application are as follows!

Are you a smoker?

You can consider smoking as the single biggest factor that will decide the cost of your insurance. Even if you have had a single puff in the last one year, you will be in the list of smokers while applying for life insurance. It will also have an impact on your premiums, you will probably pay a higher premium as compared to those who don’t smoke.

Your height and weight matter!

The status of your health is what all the insurance companies would like to see. Health is another major factor that is taken into account to decide your life insurance. When you are young and healthy and you don’t smoke, you are more likely to end up buying cost-effective life insurance and on less premium.

Your pre-existing medical condition

There might be some medical conditions that will have an impact on your life insurance, explain the condition to your insurer, don’t hide anything and they will find the best solution for you.

If you do drugs

Just like smoking, if you do drugs, it will also make a major difference in the cost of life insurance and the premiums to be paid.

Your sports activities

One of the possible questions can be if you indulge in dangerous sports activities.

Consult experts for more

Know more from experts about possible questions!

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