The idea of insurance is solely based around trust. The very main reason of, trusting and investing in these insurance companies is that, should the worse happen, they will pay out the agreed amount to your loved ones.

So, ‘Why is it that people don’t trust these insurance companies?’

This may be due to the highlighted stories in the consumer press regarding that 2-3 % of unpaid claims and unfairness of it all. It’s a most common cry- more often from those who don’t have or never have thought about life insurance. However, it is just a self-assured cry of the pessimist. In fact, life insurance claims have a remarkable high 97%+payout record! And this 2-3 % of unsettled claims are caused due to some misinterpretation of policy exclusion during the initial application.

“Is it a Gamble?”

Well, “YES”, it is a gamble with an only wining scenario for the insured.

 E.g. let us take a look at ‘Level term insurance’, say 30,000 quid over 20 years and assume the premium on such policy is 60 quid per month. So, over one year your total premiums paid is 720 quid and over twenty years it is 14,400 quid. That’s it-total! There is no such way the insurer can win in this situation unless you live past your term and they can escape paying out the policy. They’re gambling their 30,000 quid on stake against your 14,400 quid only on the basis that you’ll live past the term. If they are right-everyone will win as you’re still alive! So it would completely make no sense for them to even offer it to you without that gamble.

To summarize

Your life cover is a vital part of your financial portfolio. It provides you the peace of mind that, should the unexpected happen, your family or beloved’s future is well-secured financially.

Insurance companies are part of your team in providing you this security, and should be considered as friends. They listen to you, understand your requirement and comes up with the best-suited plan for you.

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