Life insurance and a heart condition

People suffering from any kind of heart condition may have a difficult time to acquire life insurance. Heart conditions are taken seriously by insurers. Especially, in serious cases such as stroke and heart attack, life insurance providers are very cautious before approving life insurance. The adverse effects on life due to heart conditions can differ from one person to the other and sometimes, life insurance applications with heart conditions can be reviewed on case to case basis.

What your insurer will like to know?

  • How many heart attacks have you had?
  • When did the heart attack happen?
  • How many vessels were affected or damaged?
  • Have you been through any surgery?
  • Was a stent fitted?
  • Are there any lasting symptoms of a heart attack?
  • Do you have well-managed blood pressure and cholesterol readings?
  • How does this health condition affect your daily life?

When you have a heart attack or numerous heart conditions, life insurance may not be available within 6 months of your diagnosis, some life insurance providers can ask you to wait for long.

According to the severity of the condition, the cost of your life insurance, as well as its premiums, will be decided. There are some other factors as well such as the term of the policy, the type of cover you are looking for, and the sum assured.

Your insurer may want to speak with your GP

Life insurance providers would like to know clear details about your current health and they may need to speak with your GP. It is a standard process followed by life insurance providers, so you don’t need to worry about it.

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