Most life insurance companies will treat vaping the same as smoking cigarettes. Because if you use the electronic cigarette, you will still be classified as a smoker, even if you are not using direct cigarettes or traditional products of cigarettes. In most instances, your life insurance premiums will be expensive. However, if you stop vaping for more than 12 months, you can always apply for a non-smoker rate. This will save you thousands of dollars on your life insurance premiums.

How does vaping affect your life insurance premium

Being a smoker can make a big difference to your life insurance policy regardless of your age. And since insurers view vaping and direct smoking as the same, you will still be charged life insurance premiums as if you are a smoker. At 30 years old, life insurance for those who smoke and vape is normally a third higher, while at 50, it’s usually double the normal cost.

Is vaping any better than smoking?

From the viewpoint of life insurance, you can make your life insurance invalid if you tick the non-smoker box when your insurer finds out you have been vaping. E-cigarette smoking is considered less harmful and normally, vaping will less likely increase the risk of developing health conditions such as cancer or heart disease.

According to most life insurance providers, nicotine is still bad for your health no matter if you are vaping. This is why not all insurance companies will consider vaping any better than smoking (unless it is a vape liquid with no nicotine). For this reason, whether you are a smoker or you vaper, life insurance providers will consider you a non-smoker if you have been nicotine free for at least 12 months.

Beginning vaping or smoking after buying a life insurance policy could affect your policy when you die. Some insurance companies, however, will still make payout upon your death.

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