The facts about obtaining Winter Sports life insurance

Most Winter Sports often take place in extreme mountainous locations, and include activities such as skiing, snowboarding, ski racing, ice climbing, rock climbing etc. As it is the common case in the world of underwriting, extreme sports and winter sports carry risk factors. Winter Sports life insurance is often available and at standard rates (no loading) if you are a leisure skier, snowboarder or mountaineer. If however, you are a professional or competing athlete skier, snowboarder or mountaineer, then getting a policy for Winter Sports life insurance could be more difficult to obtain, or you may find that your premiums are higher than the normal rate. In such cases, it may be worth approaching a specialist insurer who can accommodate your needs.

Cost of getting Winter Sports life insurance:

While obtaining Winter Sports life insurance, you will need to provide insurers with certain information about your Winter Sports activities and whether you do these for pleasure or professionally.

Insurers will assess your application for Winter Sports life insurance based on the following:

  • Type of Winter Sport you are undertaking (e.g. Skiing, snowboarding or mountaineering)
  • Your experience level (i.e. amateur or professional)
  • How regularly you do Winter Sports
  • Any variations to your sport (e.g. Off-piste skiing)
  • Qualifications you own in the sport

Depending upon your answers to the following question the insurers will be able to determine the cost of your policy. If your insurer finds your winter sports to be a low risk for them; and you do it only for leisure, the policy can be offered to you at standard terms. Whilst if your insurers find your winter sports to impose a high risk as you take it as an occupation the policy term offered to you will be non-standard i.e., higher premiums. Another possible outcome for a non-standard cover such as Winter Sports life insurance is for an exclusion to be applied to your policy.

Your premiums for Winter Sports life insurance will also depend on the following:

  • Sum assured
  • Term of cover
  •  Type of policy (e.g. Family, Mortgage, Whole of Life etc.)

Please note: Rates for any non-standard cover for Winter Sports life insurance will vary from one insurer to another, depending on their underwriting criteria. All insurers have their underwriting criteria which will also change over time, so can be difficult to fore say unless you speak to them.

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